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Minsk And Its Surrounding Countryside Tour

Country: Belarus
City: Minsk
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Classic Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99

Package Itinerary

This 2-day adventure will leave e a lot of pleasant memories. You will be welcomed to the city of Minsk, the capital of Belarus, a modern metropolis with a multimillion population that harmoniously combines old history and the most innovative trends, the noise of busy highways and the quiet comfort of the ancient streets of the Upper Town. After the city tour you will head for one of the most interesting historical places in Belarus and Europe - Mir Castle. And the enxt day you will relaxed in the Dudutki museum complex and see the ancient Belarusian technologies and crafts - here history comes to life in full view with a feeling of old country estate with its crafts and old recipes cuisine.

Day 1

Minsk City Tour

During the tour you will see the face of the city, what makes the Bearusian capital “identical” among other European towns – its wide avenues and cozy streets, a variety of architectural ensembles and parks, modern sport centers and many many other. For its long history of existence, the city was repeatedly destroyed, burned, but every time it was reborn and rebuilt. Nowadays Minsk is a modern European metropolis with a multimillion population. It is rapidly developing and becoming more beautiful, combining the grandeur of the heritage of antiquity and the innovative thought of the present. You will see: Privokzalnaya Square (visual inspection), Independence Square, Nezavisimosti Avenue, Svobody Square, Ruins of Minsk ancient castle (visual inspection), Trinity Suburb, National Library of Belarus, Island of courage and sorrow, A sports complex Minsk-Arena (visual inspection)

Lunch. Visiting the Mir Castle

Tourists come to see the idle grandeur of the medieval giant from different corners of the planet. Mir Castle is one of the most important tourist attractions in Belarus. The Mir Castle Complex built in the beginning of the 16th century was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2000. The successful blend of Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance architecture makes Mir Castle one of Europe’s most impressive castles. However, it is worth paying attention to the very place - it is at least a century older than the castle and has no less interesting history discovered by archaeologists. Only in a few years of excavation there were found treasures, the remains of the town hall, the gate, the potter's horn and the potter's house of the 17th century. The secrets of ancient time will be open to you at this fascinating place! You will see: Holy Trinity Church in Mir (visual inspection), St. Nicholas church in Mir (visual inspection), Mir Castle Complex, Chapel-burial vault of Svyatopolk-Mirsky family

Hotel check in

Day 2

Tour to Dudutki

There are a lot of places in Belarus that can give you a glimpse into traditional Belarusian culture and help you see how Belarus looked like many centuries ago. There you will be able to see household items, craftwork, hear authentic Belarusian songs watch traditional dances and get a taste of the national cuisine. The museum of Dudutki is your choice number one. It is located 40 km far from Minsk. In this place you will feel the life of the ancient gentry manor of the XIX century and the convenience of a modern tourist center that offers to the visitors: Ethnographic gallery featuring the items of the 18th-20th centuries, Handicraft yard (straw and willow weaving), Pottery (museum of ceramics),Woodworker’s shop,Blacksmiths shop of the 19th century,Creamery,Bakery,Brewery (a vodka brewing shop),Shed with vintage cars (Zim, Chaika, Horch, Willis, Volkswagen Beetle, Ganomak, Fiat Topolino, Chrysler),Wind mill in the Dutch style (built in the 1903-1905 by brothers Mikhail and Ivan Polyakovs),Wooden church of John the Prophet,Stable with pedigree horses, a pony and a donkey,Zoological gardens (with cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry),Ostrich farm. All the exhibits can be touched, tried, felt!

Lunch. Transfer to the railway station or airport

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