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Agro-tourist Complex “garadzenski Maentak Karobchytsy”

Grodno, Belarus

Agro-tourist complex “Garadzenski maentak Karobchytsy” is located 5 km away from the city of Grodno.

The complex was built in the form of gentry estates of XIX century and occupies a vast territory. Guests are invited to visit the restaurant   “Zamak of Zevana” and taste dishes of Belarusian cuisine. There is the «Square of Smile», which is created for kids. The complex has its own equestrian sports club “Amadeus” and provides horse  riding and in carriage, stagecoach, carriage.

In the territory of the complex in aviaries you can see wild animals - pheasants, deer, marals, nutria, peacocks, ostriches, wild boars. There is also a hunting lodge and a fisherman's house, a wood carving museum, a smithy, a nature museum.

The complex is open all year round.

 Adress:  Agrotourist complex “Garadzenski maentak Karobchytsy”, Village Karobchytsy, Grodno District, Grodno Region, Belarus


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