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Brilyovskoye Field

Borisov, Belarus

In June 1812 the army of Napoleon crossed the Neman and entered the Belarusian lands. During the war, dozens of bloody battles took place here, in memory of which obelisks and memorials were erected in different parts of Belarus, museum expositions were created and unique excursions to historical places were developed to the visitors

One of the most famous battles of the Patriotic War of 1812 was reenacted on the bank of the Berezina River in Belarus. Napoleon's retreating troops suffered a complete defeat there. “Berezina” in the French language became a synonym for disaster and tragedy. 50,000 people died there, including the French, Russian, Belarusians, Poles, and Germans…

The Brilyovskoye field is a monument in honor of the heroes of the Patriotic War of 1812. 9 common graves of Russian soldiers (1962) are located nearby. . There is  the museum of local lore and further to the village of Studenka, tourists have an opportunity to get acquainted with the historical events connected with the fighting with Napoleon's army of 1812, visit the ferry, where about 50 thousand French soldiers were killed, and visit the memorial on the Brilyovskoye field in  honor of the events of 1812.

Every year on November 20-28, a costumed reconstruction of the crossing takes place at the Brilyovskoye field, in which representatives of historical clubs of Poland, France, Russia, Germany take part.

The Brilyovskoye field  is located  near village Studenka, Borisov District, Minsk Region, Belarus

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