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Dukorsky Maentak

Minsk, Belarus

The village estate and park complex “Dukorsky Maentak”is  located near the city of Minsk (41 km)

This is a great place for a family holiday, and moreover, a historically significant object.

"Dukorsky Maentak" has appeared on a place of an ancient estate where at the end of the 19th century the brilliant aristocrat and diplomat Leon Oshtorp  lived. Old  drawings   and photos  of the estate were stored in archive. Here the ancient Belarusian handicrafts and crafts were collected and restored.

For visitors of the “Dukorsky Maentak”   there is a museum where everyone can get acquainted with the patrimonial trees of the  estate owners - Františk Oštorp and his son Leon (1786-1851), the genus Kežgailo, Sapegov, Zavishi, Oginskih etc.

In the the main street of “Dukorsky Maentak” you can see the pottery workshop with the unique works by masters using ancient methods and secrets in the production of pottery. In the workshop of candlesticks and  embroidery  you will see the graceful  handmade works  fascinating with their uniqueness and beauty. For all comers and courage ones  - there is an opportunity to plunge into the hard work of a blacksmith and personally participate in the coinage.

Here you can see the only inverted house in  Belarus that will not leave anyone indifferent, especially children, and will cause a storm of positive emotions after the visit -  everyone can walk on the ceiling and look at things from an unusual angle.

The guests can visit the stable and ride horses,  feed the animals to the zoo and feel the unity with nature, riding on a catamaran along the river Svisloch.

At the end of your excursion in  “Dukorsky Maentyk” you will be invited  to dine at the karchma with the national Belarusian cuisine dishes  and to skip a glass of local drink  at the Brovary.

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