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Gatovsky Estate In Krasny Bereg

Zhlobin, Belarus

The manor and park complex in the village of Krasny Bereg is a vivid example of the monuments of architecture and landscape art of the late 19th and early 20th centuries of the eclectic trend. The undoubted advantage of the monument is the integrity and good preservation of the constituent elements. The ensemble is located on the bank of the river Dobysna and includes a manor house, a wing, a number of outbuildings, surrounded by a park.

The estate in the village of Krasny Bereg, resembling a fairy tale house, was built in the second half of the 19th century for Lieutenant General Mikhail Gatovsky. The building seamlessly combined the elements of the Gothic, Renaissance, Modern and Empire styles through towers, bay windows, mansards, dormer windows, and the enfilade disposition of rooms. The interior of the rooms themed Romanic, Arabic, Renascent, French styles. The palace boasted rich art collections, among which were the original works of Ivan Aivazovsky, Gavriil Kondratenko, Genrikh Semiradsky. The residence was surrounded by an English park and an exotic garden.

The estate is located by the address:  16 Isayeva Street, Krasny Bereg village, Zhlobin District, Gomel Region, Belarus

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