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History And Culture Museum-reserve Zaslavl

Zaslavl, Belarus

Zaslavl is one of the most ancient Belarusian towns  first mentioned in chronicles in 1127. Though the place  was founded much earlier.

In Zaslavl you will see some marvelous historical monuments  survived  that were brought together in 1986 to make part of the History and Culture Museum-Reserve Zaslavl.

Nowadays the museum includes the monuments of both international and national importance:

  • Zamechek ancient settlement of the 10th-11th centuries (known in chronicles under the name Izyaslavl)
  • Burial mounds of the 10th-11th centuries
  • Val ancient settlement with the Calvinist protestant church (11th-17th centuries, Zaslavl Castle)
  • Roman Catholic Church of Holy Mary’s Nativity (second half of the 18th century)
  • Park and the palace of the Przezdziecki family.

In addition you may visit other interesting sights there:

  • Museum and exhibition complex
  • Mlyn (the Mill) ethnographic complex
  • Pillbox-turned-museum
  • Children’s mythology and forest museum

A key part of the Mlyn ethnographic complex is a steam mill, which is a unique monument of the 20th-century flour manufacture in Zaslavl. Here one can see a granary, a smithy and an authentic inn for peasants who delivered grain to the mill.

The Zaslavl museum offers excursions combined with theatrical performances and Batleika performances (puppet plays focusing on the Biblical stories).

Address of the museum:

4 Rynochnaya Street, Zaslavl

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