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Holy Dormition Monastery Zhirovichi

Zhirovichi, Belarus

Holy Dormition Monastery Zhirovichi

Holy Dormition Monastery in Zhirovichy, the country's largest Orthodox monastery, which houses one of the main Christian shrines of Belarus - the wonder-working Icon of the Mother of God of Zhirovichy;

Zhirovichi Holy Dormition Monastery - male Orthodox monastery in the village Zhirovichi. It  was  first mentioned in documents of the monastery in 1587. In 1609  the monastery was transferred uniyatam, from 1613 year belonged to the Bazilian. Lithuanian seminary was founded on the basis of the monastery in 1828, in 1945 - Minsk Theological Seminary. Today 35 monks are living in a monastery.  A hotel for pilgrims is situated in the territory of the monastery.

Ðœodern monastery ensemble was formed in XVII-XVIII centuries. Were built Dormition Cathedral, St. Jawlensky and St. Holy Cross Church, bell tower, a seminary, outbuildings, planted a garden, surrounded by a complex of stone wall. The architecture of the monastery ensemble combines the features of the Baroque, Rococo and Classicism styles.

The modern ensemble of the monastery was formed in the XVII-XVIII century. The Holy Dormition Cathedral, the Holy Jawly and Holy Cross Exaltation churches, a belltower, a seminary, outbuildings, a garden were planted, the complex was surrounded by a stone wall. The architecture of the ensemble of the monastery combines features of baroque, rococo, classicism.

The Uspensky Monastery owes its origin to the miraculous phenomenon of the icon of the the Blessed Virgin. In the spring of 1494 the young shepherds, who herded the boyar herds, went far into the forest and there, among the dense branches of a wild pear tree saw a wonderful glow emanating from a small icon. They reverently took the image from the tree and bring it to the house of the master  telling him about the extraordinary circumstances of the amazing find. Boyar did not pay much attention to the story of the shepherds  and indifferently put the found icon in the chest. Only in the evening, when he received the guests, he told them about the find of the shepherds and wanted to show the icon. But he did not find it. The next day the shepherds came to their original place and again saw  the same icon in radiance. As on the eve, they carried it to the boyar, who understood  the miracle of God, received reverence  and immediately visited the place of its appearance. Praying, he vowed to build a temple in honor of the Holy Virgin in Zhirovichi on the site of the  image appearance

Under the shadow of the Miraculous Image of the Mother of God people began to flock to the monastic life and a monastery was formed in Zhirovichi.

 Adress: Holy Dormition Monastery Zhirovichi: Zhirovichi, St. Cathedral, 57

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