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Holy Trinity Church In The Village Of Gervyaty

Ostrovets, Belarus

Holy Trinity Church is  located in the large village  Gervyaty of Ostravets District, Grodno Region. It is   among the three highest churches in Belarus (61 m) and is undoubtedly one of the finest examples of the neo-Gothic style. The temple was built in 1903 on the site of a wooden church of 1526. In the front of the temple there are a few wooden crosses with rich carvings, which is typical for Lithuanian churches. The church is located a few kilometres from the Lithuanian border.

During the turbulent historical events of the first half of the 20th century village Gervyaty often passed from one state to another. However, the church had survived all the wars and revolutions and was never seriously damaged. The church today is in excellent condition and is valid. In addition to worship in the church building also hosts a variety of conferences and concerts of organ music. The old organ in Trinity church is designed specifically for the incredible acoustics of the church, so it sounds fantastic.

The area around the Holy Trinity church in Gervyaty  beautifully landscaped – you will see a small park and garden with a variety of rare ornamental manicured trees, shrubs and flowers, gathered in the beautiful flowerbeds. In the territory adjacent to the church of the Apostles placed a lot of sculptures, benches, lamps, flower beds and other small architectural forms. The territory of this garden is crossed by beautiful paths and surrounded by a wrought-iron fence. Near the entrance to the church there is a unique wooden crosses with very complex, expressive and beautiful carvings.

Also Gervyaty is perfectly preserved water mill of the 19th century.  Nowadays a nice restaurant located in a former mill building. This small tourist site is very well complements the already excellent tourist village atmosphere.

Gervyaty is one of the best places for a leisurely guided tour of the day. Here is one of the key attractions throughout Belarus, and in the village itself can be a great pleasure to spend a few hours, in addition there is a place where you can relax and have a snack culture.

Address: village Gervyaty, Ostrovets District, Grodno Region, Belarus

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