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Lida Castle

Grodno, Belarus

Lida Castle is situated in the Grodno region, 112km north-east of Grodno and around 160km distance from Minsk.

It is one of the oldest of all Belarus castles

Medieval Lida castle, a fine archeological monument that is officially protected by the state.

Lida Castle (Lidskiy zamok) was built in the early 14th century by Grand Duke Gediminas of Lithuania.

Famously built on sand, Lida Castle has withstood 7 centuries of battles and occupations of the surrounding land. In  its layout Lida Castle is similar to another famous place in Belarus, Mir Castle. Boulder walls constructed in the early 14th century were later faced with red brick.

The castle dominates the town of Lida, which was badly damaged in a fire in 1891.

Stones from the south-western tower and parts of the western wall of the castle were used to repair fire-damaged houses.

In the 1920s work began to restore some of the castle walls. On January 22, 1940 the Castle of Lida was awarded the status of an archeological monument and in 1953 the castle was taken under state protection.

Nowadays Lida castle today is an all-season tourist attraction visited by thousands of tourists annually.

Knights’ tournaments are regularly held here during the summer and in the winter time the inner yard of the castle, an area 80m by 80m, is converted into an ice-skating rink.

If you  decide to visit Lida Castle it’s better to stay in Grodno or go there from Minsk since the town is rather small (only 2 hotels)  


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