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Minsk City The Capital Of Belars

Minsk, Belarus

Minsk city is the capital of Belarus. It is the political, economic, scientific and cultural centre of the country and the administrative centre of the Minsk region. It was first mentioned (as Mensk) in the Primary Chronicle in 1067 and for its about 900 year history  was repeatedly destroyed, burned, but every time it revived and built up. Nowadays Minsk is a modern European megalopolis with the multimillion population. He develops and becomes promptly more beautiful, combining greatness of heritage of old times with the most innovative trends of contemporary life.

1.974,8 million inhabitants in Minsk, and the population is constantly growing.

Minsk is located on the main transportation routes connecting Western Europe and the East, regions of the Black Sea coast and the Baltic States.

Minsk has a large railway network which connects Brest, Moscow, Vilnius and Gomel. There is a national airport in the capital.

The city has a very good public transportation system. You can easily reach any place by bus, trolleybus or tram. Minsk, like most big European cities, has a fine metro system. 

Minsk is a large industrial centre. The city produces 16% of the total volume of industrial output. There is a free economic zone in Minsk.

Minsk is a large educational centre within Belarus. The main educational institutions of the country, including lyceums, high schools and colleges, are concentrated in Minsk.

The capital has an extensive network of cultural establishments with 13 museums and 10 theatres, including:

  • The Belarusian State Museum of the Great Patriotic War (World War 2)
  • National Art Museum of the Republic of Belarus
  • The National Museum of Culture and History of Belarus
  • National Academic Bolshoi Ballet Theatre of the Republic of Belarus
  • State Musical Comedy Theatre of the Republic of Belarus
  • State Theatre of Dolls of the Republic of Belarus

Recently Belarus is becoming a host of many international sport competitions. Minsk has about 3,600 sports centres including stadiums and athletic fields, pools, sport centres and exercise rooms, tennis courts and a ski line.

There are numerous interesting historical places and architectural monuments, including:Troitsky suburb, Victory square,Independence Avenue.Orthodox and Catholic Churches,National Library of Belarus.

Staying in Minsk you will enjoy fashionable cafes, restaurants and crowded nightclubs, casino and art galleries. The city is  absolutely clean and safety.


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