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The Minsk Sea

Minsk, Belarus

The Minsk Sea, which is another name for Zaslavl Water Reservoir, is located close to the Belarusian capital (around 17 km).

The Minsk Sea, or the Zaslavsky Reservoir, is the second largest reservoir in Belarus, created by the hands of a man who is the favorite vacation spot for Minsk citizens. The area is about 30 km. sq. m. The length is 10 km. The width is 4.5 km. The greatest depth is 8 m.

Officially Zaslavsky Reservoir was opened for tourists in June 1956. However, the idea of ​​the Minsk Sea creation  goes back to the late 1930s, Minsk often suffered from floods when Svisloch river  emerged from the shores and could flood up to a third of the city's territory. At the same time, Minsk did not have a place where one could rest by the water and swim a lot.

Nowadays it is a favorite vacation spot for citizens and guests of the capital. As soon as it gets warmer, a large number of tourists come to the water every weekend. Places for a picnic near the shore, special areas with tables, chairs, benches and barbecues are arranged for the recreation there. In the pond you can swim, for this s the bottom of the reservoir is specially cleaned , installed safety buoys on the water, and in summer the rescue station operates.

In the territory of the reservoir there is a sailing school, and the corresponding competitions are held

For fans of outdoor activities you can rent a bicycle, catamaran, kayak, boat, water skiing, motorcycle. Incredible, but  you can even ride a yacht and a boat. In addition, there are lessons on windsurfing and on skating on a wakeboard.

Around the reservoir there are specially equipped car parkings on the beaches there is a minimal infrastructure. And even if the weather is not too hot, the Minsk Sea will delight you with magnificent sunsets.

This is also a place for the fishing. On the Minsk Sea there are: bream, pike perch, perch, podleschik, roach, pike, tench. Less common ruff, staking, crucian and gudgeon. The total length of the coastline is over 28 kilometers. When choosing a place for fishing, you need to consider that during  weekends and holidays  (especially in the equipped places and near the beaches) is very crowded and noisy, and finding a quiet place is not so simple.

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