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The Palace Of The Rumyantsevs And The Paskeviches

Gomel, Belarus

The Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches in Gomel is one of the most beautiful examples of architecture in Belarus.

Nowadays the unique museum complex in central Gomel unites the palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches, a chapel and a burial vault, a winter garden, a watchtower and a picturesque old park. 

The history of the place  started in the late 18th century  when the Belarusian lands were part of the Russian Empire. Empress Catherine the Great gave Gomel to her favorite, General Field Marshal Piotr Rumyantsev-Zadunaisky, for his outstanding victories in the war against Turkey.

At that time  there was a wooden castle on the bank of the River Sozh , which had earlier belonged to Michal Fryderyk Czartoryski, the Grand Chancellor of Lithuania. Piotr Rumyantsev demolished  the old castle  and ordered to build  new one.

The construction of the castle in the style of early Classism began in 1777, The name of the main architect remains unclear. Historians believe it could be Ivan Starov, a talented architect who designed many famous buildings in St. Petersburg.

The palace was destroyed and restored several times. It suffered the most severe damage during an uprising in 1919 and the Great Patriotic War.

Throughout its history the palace was used for various purposes. It housed a telephone station, a library, a puppet theater, a youth center and a museum.

Today the former residence of the aristocrats in Gomel is one of the most interesting and frequently visited Belarusian museums and a major historical, cultural and educational center.

The Gomel palace also hosts picture, photo and other kinds of exhibitions and interesting educational projects.

The collection of the Gomel palace is one of the richest in Belarus. It comprises archeological, ethnographic and numismatic collections, pictures, handwritten books and books printed before the 18th century, icons and religious items, marine organisms and memorial complexes commemorating outstanding persons

The tower built to Ivan Paskevich’s design houses the exhibition “Owners of the Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches in Gomel”. The exhibition features original paintings, sculptures and dukes’ weapons and personal effects.

The Palace of the Rumyantsevs and the Paskeviches is located in the city center on the bank of the River Sozh, at 4 Lenin Square. 

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