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Zabrodye Village Museum


The old village Zabrodye is located in the place on the bank of the Narochanka River where there was a frontline of the First World War.

 The family of Belarusian artist and regional ethnographer Boris Tsitovich has turned it into an open-air unique museum that combines a  military past with an entertaining tourist complex with authentic architecture, ethnography and creative atmosphere

 Zabrodye offers to its visitors:

  • Belarus’ first  museum of WWI history displaying over 2000 exhibits: uniform and weapons, a gas mask, documents and photos, welfare items and personal things of soldiers;
  • a museum of vintage cars with the rarities of the 1930s-1990s on show: ZIS-5, GAS-67, GAS M1, Willys, Opel Kadett, Opel Blitz…
  • an exposition of motorcycles and bicycles;
  • a 19th century period-house museum (furniture, towels, clothes, household stuff, musical instruments, photos);
  • a smithy and a bath-house, which is two centuries old;
  • art and puppet theater studios

On the bank of the river there is a wooden Boris and Gleb Chapel, built in the style of the 16th-17th centuries. The chapel was built to commemorate all killed in the warfare.

Also among the most venerated places of Zabrodye and its suburbs is a hospital cemetery of the First World War and a six-meter cross at the grave near the military camp, a chapel to honor the 80th anniversary of the end of the war, a stela and a stone at the place of the death of Cossack Daniil Shevchenko

Zabrodye hosts annual events to celebrate the history of the region and  offers tourists authentic country houses and camp sites, a summer cafe and a souvenir shop, various  excursions and entertainment programs.

Address: Village of Zabrodye, Vileika District, Minsk Oblast

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