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Brest Hero- Fortress Memorial Complex Tour

Brest Hero- Fortress Memorial Complex Tour Packages
Country: Belarus
City: Brest
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Full Day Tours

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Brest Fortress is one of the most important places to see in Belarus and the largest tourist attraction in Brest.

Brest Fortress was built in the 1830s-early 1840s at the meeting-point of the rivers Bug and Mukhavyets.

In 1851-1876, a Russian Orthodox Church was built in the fortress. It was designed by a member of the Russian Academy of Arts, architect David Grimm as a domed basilica in the Byzantine style.

During construction, the entire town was relocated to a new position 2km away.

The site occupies more than four square km, although many of the outer defences were damaged or destroyed during the wars of the 20th century.

The fortress was not rebuilt at the end of the war, but instead became a shrine to the terrible and heroic events that took place there.

MEMORIAL COMPLEX «BREST HERO-FORTRESS» was opened on September, 25 1971.

There are the ruins of the old fortress, the battlefields, the monumental sculptures presented in a unified architectural and artistic ensemble of the memorial, that perpetuated the «true story of the legendary heroes of the Brest fortress»

The defence of Brest Fortress took place 22–29 June 1941. The Brest Fortress, defended by the Red Army against the Wehrmacht, held out longer than expected and, after the Second World War became a symbol of Soviet resistance.

In 1965 the fortress received the title of Hero Fortress for the 1941 defense.

The entry of the fortress represents a huge star cut into a concrete block. The radio announcer informs about the invasion of the German army.

As you walk up to the centre of the fortress you see "Thirst", a large monument depicting an injured soldier trying to get some water from the river. The monument reflects the bravery of the last remaining soldiers who defended the Fortress for many days without food or water.

The main part of the memorial is the Square of Ceremonies, leading to the Museum of the Defence of Brest fortress and the ruins of the White Palace.

The Bayonet Obelisk, 100m high, can be seen from any part of the fortress, and is linked to the main Courage monument by 3 rows of tombstones. Only 216 of the 850 defenders who died here are known.

The Courage monument stands 33.5m high and tells the story of the heroic defence of the fortress through a series of carvings. There is an eternal flame which is guarded by 4 teenagers from the Pioneers Corps.

There is an Eternal Fire in front of the remnants of the former engineering department.

Further in to the Fortress you will find the iconic Kholmsky Gate, with its bullet-riddled walls.

In order to see everything that Brest Fortress has to offer, you really need to dedicate a whole day to your visit. If you stay longer in Brest there are plenty of other things to see

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