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Museum Tour Of The History Of The Great Patriotic War

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The collection of the world's first museum of the Great Patriotic War was founded in June 1942 , the moment when no one new how long the war will last. At that moment the future . .
Country: Belarus
City: Minsk
Duration: 6 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour
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The collection of the world's first museum of the Great Patriotic War was founded in June 1942 , the moment when no one new how long the war will last. At that moment the future exhibits were sent directly from the frontlines to the special republican commission which was set up to collect the documents and materials about the Great Patriotic War.

The museum of memory about the courage and tragedy of the Belarusian people was established the few intact buildings in the destructed and looted Minsk after its liberation from fascists and was opened to the public on 22 October 1944.

In 1966, the museum moved to a building specially built for it in the central square of Minsk (now Oktyabrskaya Square). A unique open-air exposition of military equipment and weapons was opened in 1977 next to the museum.

Over decades of research into the Great Patriotic War the museum’s collection has grown many times: even nowadays it gains 700—800 priceless rarities every year.

In the 21st century upon the initiative of the President of the Republic of Belarus it was decided to create new premises to expand the exhibition space using modern technologies and enabling to demonstrate more facts about the tragic war period.

The renewed museum was solemnly opened on 2 July 2014 on the eve of Independence Day of Belarus and as a tribute to the 70th anniversary of Belarus’ liberation from the Nazi invaders.

The current premises of the museum are impressive not only due to their scale but also symbolism that reflects major milestones of the history of 1941-1945. The composition represents four main blocks to match the number of years of the war and the army fronts that took part in Belarus’ liberation.

looks like a festive salute: 11 sparkling rays made of stainless steel to symbolize the Great Victory and at the same time 1,100 tragic days and nights of Minsk’s occupation.

A 45-meter stela Minsk – Hero City opened in 1985 for the 40th anniversary of the Great Victory and the sculpture of the Motherland are located near the museum.

The Heroes Square is embellished by a fountain of 170 jets indicates the number of Belarusian populated localities that were liberated by the Soviet army during the war.

The exhibits are divided into 28 collections and showcased in ten themed halls:

  • World and the war;
  • World before and in the first years of World War II;
  • Road of the war;
  • Beginning of the Great Patriotic War. Defense in Belarus in summer 1941. The battle of Smolensk. The battle of Moscow of 1941-1942;
  • Turning point of the war. The Soviet home front;
  • Nazi occupation regime on the territory of Belarus in 1941-1944;
  • Partisan movement and anti-fascist underground resistance in Belarus. Participation of Soviet people in European resistance movements of 1941-1945;
  • Liberation of Belarus. The defeat of the Nazi Germany, its allies, and the militarist Japan;
  • Belarus after the liberation. The years 1944-1950. Memory of the war;
  • Heirs of the Great Victory.

The Museum of the History of the Great Patriotic War is located in the center of Minsk.

Address: 8 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk, Belarus.

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