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The National Historical Museum Tour Of The Republic Of Belarus

The National Historical Museum Tour Of The Republic Of Belarus Packages
Country: Belarus
City: Minsk
Duration: 6 Hour(s) - 0 Minute(s)
Tour Category: Half Day Tour

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The National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus is the main historical museum and one of the most popular museums in the country. In it you can get acquainted with the history of Belarus from primitive times to modern times. In his collection there is the most numerous museum collection in Belarus

The museum contemporary history begins in 1957 when a special group was formed to organize the Belarusian State Museum of History and Regional Studies. In 1964, it became known as the State Museum of BSSR, and the first exposition was opened in 1967

In 2009 it was given the name National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus.

Display area is 1376 m2 halls.

The museum has 4 permanent and 4 variables traveling exhibitions. The total number of museum objects has 400 thousand units, of which the main fund of 370 thousand scientific subsidiary - 30,000: archaeology, ethnography, precious metals and gems, treasures, weapons, manuscripts and old printed books, documents, art, numismatics, national costumes and others.

The chronological range of the collection covers the period from the primitive era to the modern times. A number of the museum items from the collection of the National Historical Museum of the Republic of Belarus are included in the National List of Historical and Cultural Heritage of the Republic of Belarus, among them the remains of a primitive dwelling of mammoth bones (18th-16th millennia BC), neolithic tools from siliceous mines, and a wooden human figurine (late 3rd - early 2nd millennium BC). e.), an ancient pagan idol (6th century). In the collection of early printed books and manuscripts, the Belarusian printshops of the 16th and 18th centuries are shown, including the Minea for March and April (1521, Turov), The Czar and the Tilikon (16th century), Irmology (1651, Kutaino) and the princely letters with the stamps of the 16th century.The museum stores more than 80 coin-and-treasure hoards found in the territory of Belarus, including the treasure of Greco-Roman coins of the 1-2 centuries, the Minsk monetary-material treasure of the 17-20th centuries. In a numismatic collection of coins the ancient East, Greece, Rome and other countries, personal printing, such as printing the Chief Tribunal of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) Grodno cadence 1788 and many others.

The museum has two branches: the House Museum of the First Congress of the Russian Social-Democratic Labor Party and the Museum of the Contemporary Belarusian Statehood. Recently, the museum has been focused on enlarging collections with the assistance of sponsors.

The museum has an active research activities, organizes and conducts conferences, readings, round tables. The results of the research work, restoration activities are displaying publications, museum publications, presentations, etc.

Address: 12, K. Marks St. 220030, Minsk, Belarus

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