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Minsk - Dudutki - Grodno - Korobchitsy Tour

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If you have only a few days to get acquainted with Belarus we kindly recommend you choose this tour. You will visit the capital of the country - the city of Minsk, a metropolis with . .
Country: Belarus
City: Minsk
Duration: 2 Day(s) - 1 Night(s)
Tour Category: Classic Tours
Departure Date: Thu 01 Jan '99
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If you have only a few days to get acquainted with Belarus we kindly recommend you choose this tour. You will visit the capital of the country - the city of Minsk, a metropolis with old history, beautiful architecture, and cozy hospitable ambiance To learn better and the culture of the country, the ancient traditions and crafts you will be welcomed to fabulous

Dudutki - here the story comes to life in full view. The next day you will see the architectural heritage of Belarus in the city of Grodno which is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. And then you will be able to feel the atmosphere of a small place Korobchitsy with the reconstructed XIX century estate. There will be days full of enjoyable moments and exciting excursions.

Day 1: Tour to Dudutki and Minsk City Tour

Dudutki's ethnographic complex is located 40 km far from Minsk. In this place you will feel the life of the ancient gentry manor of the XIX century and the convenience of a modern tourist center that offers to the visitors:

Ethnographic gallery featuring the items of the 18th-20th century, Handicraft yard (straw and willow weaving), Pottery (museum of ceramics), Woodworker’s shop, blacksmiths shop of the 19th century, creamery, bakery, brewery (a vodka brewing shop), shed with vintage cars, windmill in the Dutch style (built-in 1903-1905 by brothers Mikhail and Ivan Polyakov's), the wooden church of John the Prophet, stable with pedigree horses, a pony and a donkey, zoological gardens (with cows, goats, pigs, rabbits, poultry), ostrich farm.

All the exhibits can be touched, tried, and felt!

Lunch, Hotel check-in

Excursion “Evening Minsk”

Minsk is a city with a unique character, it is old and modern, multi-faceted, and cozy for every guest. The evening city opens to you all its beauty. The lights will create an atmosphere of magic and you will enjoy the feeling of a holiday.

You will see: Railway station square (visual inspection), Independence Square, Independence Avenue (visual inspection), Svobody Square, Minsk Upper Town (visual inspection), Trinity Suburb, Island of Courage and Sorrow, National Library of Belarus, Minsk Arena Sports Complex )

Overnight in Minsk

Day 2: Tour to Grodno and Korobchicy

The hotel checks out. Moving to Grodno (280 km)

Grodno region is a land of magnificent landscapes and castles, great rulers and scientists, poets, and composers. Grodno is the residence of Lithuanian princes and Polish kings. It is conveniently located on the high banks of the Neman River: with picturesque landscapes combined with architectural works. Keeping the memory of past greatness and traditions, the castles and palaces of the city will impress you and after Grodno, you will relax at the amazing touristic complex "Korobchitsy"

In Grodno, you will see the main city sightseeing: Gorodnitsa - the administrative, cultural, and industrial center of Grodno of the XVIII century, which included 85 buildings of various purposes. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, or Farny Church - a cathedral of the diocese of Grodno, an outstanding architectural monument of the XVI-XVII centuries that won a rank of the "richest" and most beautiful church in all territory of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

Catholic church and Bernardine Monastery - the largest architectural complex of the XVI-XVIII centuries, which combines the techniques and forms of Gothic, Renaissance, and Baroque styles. Grodno main synagogue - a monument of neo-Russian architecture, built in the second half of the XIXth century of brick on the site of the burnt wooden synagogue in 1578.

Represents a three-story square-plan building with a gable roof. The temple was valid until 1939. Currently, the city returned to the Jewish community. Grodno Old Castle - the historical complex of fortifications XI-XIX centuries. The original castle was built as a wooden fortress. But after a fire in 1398 Duke Vytautas built on the site Pyatibashenny gothic Upper Castle, later known as the Old.

The castle is situated on a high and steep hill on the right bank at the confluence of the Neman River Gorodnichanka. The length of the walls reached almost 300 m with an average thickness of about 3 m height of the walls was unequal and ended with teeth. New Castle in Grodno - the new royal palace, built in the years 1734-1751 during the reign of King and Grand Duke of Lithuania Augustus III as a summer residence of Polish kings and Grand Dukes of Lithuania, was designed by Karl Friedrich Peppelman.

Borisoglebskaya (Kolozhskaya) Church in Grodno is located on the high bank of the Neman River. Sts Boris and Gleb Church (Kolozha Church) is an architectural pearl of ancient Grodno, a unique specimen of Eastern Orthodox architecture in Belarus and the entire of Eastern Europe. Constructed in the northwestern part of Ancient Rus in the 12th century, the Kolozha Church is not like any other church in the world. This Christian Halidom was nominated for the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Lunch. Moving to Korobchicy (11 km)

The complex was built in the form of gentry estates of the XIX century and occupies a vast territory. Guests are invited to visit the restaurant “Zamak of Zevana” and taste dishes of Belarusian cuisine. There is the «Square of Smile», which is created for kids. The complex has its own equestrian sports club “Amadeus” and provides horse riding and in the carriage, stagecoach, and carriage. In the territory of the complex in aviaries, you can see wild animals - pheasants, deer, murals, nutria, peacocks, ostriches, and wild boars. There is also a hunting lodge and a fisherman's house, a wood carving museum, a smithy, and a nature museum.

Returning to Minsk (290 km). Transfer the railway's station in Minsk or to the National Airport

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